Why I love swimming so much.

I absolutely love to swim. And I love water, it is my favourite element out of the five. I enjoy swimming, and I try to do it as often as I can. I wasn’t able to go swimming during the summer holidays because I’d gone back home, and I didn’t have a membership at the pool there – and I couldn’t take one either, because I wouldn’t have been there continuously for two months. And two days ago, I got back (to the city where I’m currently living and studying in). And today I finally went swimming – after almost two months of not even entering a swimming pool. The feeling was ecstasy.


I love everything about swimming – the cool, blue water, the smooth way it moves when you cut across it and the way the water just lifts you up ever so gently. I love the way sunlight sparkles on the water and makes dancing, shimmering patterns on your skin under water. I love to just float on my back and look at the sky – especially when I swim at night.  Swimming gives me a different kind of joy, a sort of peace of mind, and it makes me feel so calm and happy. It helps me clear my mind, it helps me think.

A couple of years back, I went through an extremely horrible phase. I was in depression, and didn’t know what to do about it. I hated feeling so weak and helpless, and I wanted to – I had to – do something to stop feeling that way. And so I started swimming. I’d go every single day, and I’d do laps. Up and down, up and down. Every time I went from one side to the other, I kept repeating the goals I wanted to achieve in life in my head, and told myself that I would achieve them if I got to the other side. And every time I did reach the other side, my confidence in myself would grow a little, and that made me happier. I wasn’t a really good swimmer then, because I’d only recently learnt how to, but I kept at it. And I’m happy to say I’ve improved greatly since then (not that I’m a great swimmer now, but I swim well enough).

Whenever I’m swimming, I’m the happiest.

And that is how swimming helped me overcome the most troubled phase of my life, it pulled me out of depression, and helped me feel happy again. It mended my shattered self-confidence, and helped me focus on the things in life that really mattered. And that is why I’m so in love with it. Because it gives me strength – not just physically, but mentally as well.


5 thoughts on “Why I love swimming so much.

  1. This is beautiful :’). Its really well written! I can’t tell you how much I can relate to this myself!! Swimming helps me vent my rage and cheers me up like a cherry ^.^


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