The Unfair Things in Life.


When a girl is raped, her life is torn apart. She has been violated, disrespected, and crushed in every possible way. It affects her mentally, physically and emotionally. It ALSO affects ALL the other women and girls. And I’ll tell you how.

Because when one woman gets raped, the others are told not to go out after dark. The others are told to stay at home more often because that’s the safer option. The others can’t walk around in certain areas even in broad daylight, because its “unsafe”. The others have to get home early, and call their father/brother/husband/boyfriend to inform them that they’ve reached safely. The others cant go to a club for a night of dancing. The others can’t do so many other things- they just can’t, because after all, it’s “better being safe than sorry”. 

And this is what I want to say – To hell with that.

That one woman who got raped was raped NOT because of what she was wearing, or what time she was out, or where she was, or what she was doing. SHE WAS RAPED BECAUSE SOME ASSHOLE COULDN’T CONTROL HIMSELF AND HIS PERVERTED MIND. And for the record, women and girls could get raped AT HOME too, there are enough and more cases to prove that.

There is just ONE cause of rape – and that is the man who raped. NOTHING ELSE. Not the girl, not her clothes, not her whereabouts, not the time. And people should REALLY stop making these excuses, because that’s all they are. It’s only when men (at least the ones who don’t know this already) are taught that women are equal to them, that women have as much right to be out, stay out late, and NOT BE RAPED, will we start to see any sort of change.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? And that’s what everyone does. To their daughters and mothers and sisters and themselves (if they’re women). And THIS is what angers me more than anything else.We’re caught in this vicious circle of wanting to bring change, but not being able to because of the very thing we want to change. And this is why I can’t just sit here and say, “To hell with that.” Because I’m sure none of us would risk getting raped for getting equal rights.

And this is why I’m just going to say that it’s all SO UNFAIR. 



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