Musings on Sarees

A couple of days back, we had an “Ethinic Day” in college, and the girls never miss a chance to dress up. Almost everyone wore sarees- because of course we all loved and respected our culture, and hey, it’s also sexy as hell. A saree is the most classic and traditional piece of clothing for all Indian women – although the way it is draped differs from state to state. The gujaratis drape it differently from the coorgis who drape it differently from the malayalees. Basically, pretty much everyone has their own style of draping the saree and making it their own.

Personally, I feel that sarees make any woman look beautiful, if worn correctly. I love wearing sarees (although I’ve worn it only thrice in my life till now) – although for short periods of time only, and I think all girls look beautiful in them. Of course, there are a few who totally detest wearing the saree, and I can understand why – it can be quite a task to manage it if you don’t know how to. Although I do enjoy wearing one occasionally, I can’t stand to be in it for a very long time, because it’s really difficult to handle, and well, my midriff gets cold? I look at all these women who wear sarees every single day, who wear it with so much effortless grace and I think, well, maybe they’re so used to it, it’s easy for them.

For me, a saree will always be a symbol of Indian-ness, of being a woman, of grace and elegance. It will remind me of Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit in Devdas, it will remind me of old saree advertisements that used to come on television when I was a kid, it will remind me of my Ajji (grandmother), and it will remind me of weddings. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the maturity it lends to a woman’s face and figure – it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or skinny or just in-between.

As for me, I would still prefer my pajamas over pretty much anything, but I do enjoy wearing a saree once in a while – up until I’m done taking a million photos with my friends and the saree is just about going to fall off, and I’m longing for my pjs again.

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