A Post for Queen B.


“I felt like it was time to set up my future, so I set a goal. My goal was independence.”– Beyonce Knowles Carter

This post is dedicated to my idol – the one and only, Beyonce Knowles Carter.

There was once this time in my life, when I was experiencing a new kind of sadness – one that I wasn’t prepared for, and one that I didn’t know how to get over. I remember lying in bed, night after night, thinking, remembering, and sometimes crying myself to sleep, with my headphones on and my Ipod on shuffle. I remember how, one night, through my headphones, it was as if Beyonce was talking to me, telling me exactly what I was feeling and how I’d actually just dodged a bullet, and how I should be so through with all that happened to me. This woman, whom I’d never even seen in real life, whom I’d never even met, not only understood EXACTLY how I was feeling, but also gave me a push to pick myself up and become the best person I could be. I was a huge fan of Beyonce way before that, but that night was when I truly came to love and respect her.

She’s officially my BIGGEST INSPIRATION. She’s the most fierce, beautiful, hard-working, and humble woman I’ve ever seen. The thing I love about her the most is her strength. Her strength of character, her strength of will and her strength in standing up for the things she believes in. I respect her for the fierceness with which she displays her feminity, her bold expression of what she stands for, and her undying belief in strong, independent women.

People may not like her, some people may even hate on her, but that’s their problem really. I’m not saying that she is a perfect person, but she is perfect to me. She is extremely hard-working, and yet makes it all seem so effortless She had her dreams and goals, and she achieved them, and for that, she will forever be an inspiration to me. Beyonce is a diva, a powerful and independent woman, who has achieved her million dollar dream, and who will never cease to inspire me, ever. I’m really awe-struck by the amount she achieved as an individual and I strive everyday to inculcate the same ideals in my life. She pushed me to become a stronger person, and continue becoming stronger everyday. She helped me out through some very tough times, and told me that I should never give up on my dreams. She empowers people, and that’s amazing.

One of my greatest desires in life is to watch her live, go for her concert (she’s so effing amazing on stage!) and I hope and pray that one day I will get to.

So here’s wishing Queen B a very Happy Birthday. She’s turning thirty three today! Happy Birthday B, and wish you all the happiness in the world. I love you so much!



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