A letter to our dog.

Dear HM,

You’re a cute little doggie-foo, so I don’t think you’ll ever understand any of this. But I’m writing this anyway, and this is for you. I’m sorry you had to go through a lot, I’m sorry that your previous owners left you behind when they moved to a new house. That was really mean of them, because they knew you weren’t adapted to living alone and by yourself because you weren’t a street dog or a mongrel – you were one of those expensive, high maintenance terriers (I still don’t know what you are exactly). You must think that they’re going to come back for you – because you haven’t left your house, but I have to tell you this – they’re never coming back. But. I’m glad that my aunt and uncle and cousins moved into your house, and now that I’m staying with them too, you’ll get the love and company you need.

HM. <3

HM. ❤

At first, everyone misunderstood you to be dangerous and “mad”, but that was all wrong. When you come jumping and bounding towards us in the driveway – it’s your way of welcoming us home. And this is something we’ve learned, and now – it’s something we’ve started to look forward to. No matter how terrible my day is, when you come running to welcome me home the moment you hear the sound of my footsteps on the driveway, I smile, and I feel warm inside.

And – I don’t know how to break this to you – but that other stray dog you so vehemently bark and growl at when you see me watching? Yeah, I know you and him are friends. I’ve seen you sit around with him when you think I’m not watching. So yeah, if you think you’re “protecting” me from the big bad stray dog – well, I know it’s all just show, and that the other guy could kick your fluffy little butt any day, but he won’t because he’s your friend. But I’m flattered that you love me and want to protect me, because not many people have done that for me before – and it’s the thought that counts, right? And when ever I’m locked out, and I wait for my sister to come home with the key, you always wait with me. And for that, and many other things, I love you.

Locked out and waiting for the key.

Locked out and waiting for the key.

You are totally filthy and you really smell – but you’re a ray of sunshine in our lives. Even though sometimes you’re naughty, and you do some bad things, and then get yelled at by us – we can’t stay angry with you for too long. Because (despite your dirty-ness) you are SO CUTE. We come down and open the kitchen door every morning just so we can see your face and wish you good morning and baby talk to you and well, just make sure you’re still there. And you always are.

At the kitchen door: What's for breakfast?

At the kitchen door: What’s for breakfast?

You are the most loving, and caring little thing I have ever met. You are also dirty and stinky, and in desperate need of a wash and shave and nail clipping, but we love you nevertheless. My aunt and uncle are not really dog-people (like my dad and me), but you’re always around, and so you’ve kind of grown on them. We are all still in the process of finding someone to come and get you all cleaned up and vaccinated, so we can take you along with us when we move. We’re sorry that we’ve not been able to find anyone yet.

I hope life gets better for you, and that we get to keep you for real, and actually pet you and give you belly rubs. You really brighten up my day, and I love you very much.




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