Stop the Hate!

It has been ages since I posted, but that was because I had my end semester examinations going on. Now that I have my holidays, I had enough time to get around the internet, update myself on the the things that are trending now. You know, these really ground-breaking, intelligent things that are so important that almost everyone on the internet knows about them – like ALex from Target and About a week ago, and oh, this one is the best – ‘A potato flew around my room’. If you don’t know what these terms refer to, Google them.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I hate all of this, but it just amuses me as to how such things grab the attention of over a million people. The human race is really weird. But having said that, Alex from Target IS pretty cute – and he certainly doesn’t deserve all the hate he’s getting for “not earning his fame” or whatever. And Bobby Shmurda’s epic dance moves are definitely something, and personally, I think the song is super catchy. (I’m not going to comment on ‘A potato flew around my room’ I don’t even know why it’s popular).
So the past couple of days have been spent watching video after video on YouTube. And while waiting for the video to load (thanks to slow wifi), I made a habit of scrolling through the comments below. It was utterly shocking to see how much hate – and I mean the filthy, dirty, disrespectful kind of HATE – was out there, how much racism, how much sexism and how many rude things were said that were unwarranted and uncalled for. The other thing that hit me was how painfully IGNORANT many of these comments were.

There are people saying they hate black people because all black people are violent, there are people who say being homosexual is wrong and is a sin, then there are people saying they hate Americans because they just do – and then there are people who say women are, and I quote – “literal sex toys and nothing else” and are just useful for reproducing. And how can one forget the endless arguments about how one religion is utter non-sense, and the other is better than the rest. And then, there are comments that oppose these of course, but there are also comments that defend these hate comments.

What irritates me the most is how ignorant most of these comments are, and how narrow-minded. I think people need to WAKE UP and see that all people are people, after all, that them being of different colours or races or sexualities or genders or religion does not change the fact that we’re all human, one and the same. No one is superior to the other. Which religion a person practices and what skin colour he or she has, or who he or she sleeps with or even how many people he or she sleeps with is NOBODY’S business. No one has the right to judge anybody else – unless they have committed some heinous crime, like kill a person or rape someone.

There is a whole other set of people who just don’t even need a reason to hate. I really feel sorry for most YouTubers out there, and hats off to their courage to put up videos out there, but some comments are downright MEAN. For no reason, really.

And what lovely language.

Pretty much every hate comment has beautiful language, wonderful grammar and rich vocabulary, as seen above. And it is sad to say, some well-educated people too – you can make out by the way their comments read – seem to be really really narrow-minded. Like, has education done nothing to you? Has it not opened your mind a little bit?

I understand when people may have certain (not necessarily positive) opinions about some things – which they can go ahead and express, so long as they understand that it isn’t always right according to everybody. To each his own. It surprises me why there is SO much, like immense, gigantic amounts of hate in the virtual world. Of course, there’s a lot of positive and friendly comments too, but the aggression in the negative ones is just over whelming. Internet hate is real, and the sad thing is, it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away – so all one can do is shake their head and ignore it.The change should begin within us – to make a conscious effort to at least be polite to each other, if not respect one another.