All The People

“All these young people nowadays, so arrogant and rebellious,” the elders disapprove.

“And all these old people, so narrow-minded and old-fashioned,” the youth shake their heads.

“All these women, so fragile and always dependent,” remark the men.

“All these men, nothing but perverts and rapists!” lament the women.

“All these South Indians – dark skinned with funny accents,” say all the people from the North.

“And all these North Indians, just crass and uneducated,” say the people from the South.

“Oh, these black people- violent and criminal, every one of them,” declare the “white” people.

“Ah, these white people – pompous idiots, every one of them,” comment the “black” people.

“All these Christians are drinkers and sinners,” discuss the Muslim people.

“And all the Muslims are terrorists and killers.” ponder the Christian people.

But what all these people don’t really understand

Is that people are not

Just empty glass jars to be filled

With assumptions

And placed on different shelves judged by their shape, size and colour.

People, are people, and we should learn to accept, if not love, one another.

We are all not the same, but we are all equal.


2 thoughts on “All The People

  1. It is incredible how even people who suffer from racism become racist when the opportunity presents itself.
    2 years ago, I was in the Paris V University of Medicine printing my thesis. The manuscript being awfully long, I started chatting with the woman in the printing service. She was a black lady in maybe early 40s. She told me about her 2 sons, both of them dating French girls. She said how it didn’t bother her at all because people’s skin color doesn’t matter etc, etc. It was a very nice conversation until she said “But I couldn’t bare it if my sons dated Muslim girls! We cannot mix with these people” I was like what the hell? It was one of the most racist things I had ever heard…
    I don’t know if people will ever realize that although not the same, we are all equal! 😦


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