For that sweet tooth craving.

Today’s review is about a little cafe situated right opposite Mount Carmel College (where I study), in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore. It’s called ‘Desserted’ and is actually a big old house that has been revamped and turned into a cafe, and this gives a nice homely feel to the place. It has indoor and outdoor seating (and even used to have a room filed with squishy bean bags, but does not any more), fairy lights, colourful posters and art pieces, vintage mirrors and cupboard doors in the oddest of places – like the ceiling, for instance- and nice old style wicker chairs and pretty hand-made paper lanterns. My friends and I are frequent visitors there – well, frequent would be an under statement. We’re there pretty much everyday, either for lunch, or to celebrate someone’s birthday, or to study, or just to kill time.

Today's delicious breakfast.

The delicious “American Staple” breakfast with a steaming hot cup of green tea. 🙂

Before I begin – I must warn all the meat eaters out there, that this place is vegetarian (except they serve egg, but nothing more). I know I know, but my friends and I are purely non-vegetarian, and we don’t feel a lack of choice here, we quite love their food. Now let’s dive right into the menu – all of us put together have tried pretty much everything on their menu, and we’ve found the food here to be very satisfactory over all. They serve breakfast all day through, and the breakfast options include waffles, pancakes with maple syrup, french toast – and my favourite, their American Staple, which is combination of buttered toast, eggs done according to your choice (scrambled, omelette, cheese-filled, boiled, anything), potato balls and a topping, if you fancied, of chocolate spread or melted cheese or blueberry topping or maple syrup over any of those.

Their famous cheesy mexican french fires and pasta

Their famous cheesy mexican french fires and pasta

Next we have the other dishes – ranging from french fries to spaghetti to cheese globes to different types of pasta to burgers to sandwiches and also some exotic sounding stuff like ‘Hungarian Langos’ and ‘Croque Monsieur’. The fries come with different seasonings and toppings (‘Desi fries’ and ‘Mexican fries’), and lots of white cream sauce. They’re absolutely delicious, and the perfect thing to order for a large group to snack on. The pastas are yummy and filling, and come with red or green or white sauce with pepper corns and zucchini. The ‘Croque Monsieur’ is actually a sandwich with lots of cheese, and it’s counterpart ‘Crouqe Madame’ comes with eggs. The sandwiches are pretty great too, but not too filling if your the type who has a very large appetite.

Red velvet cupcake and a slice of red velvet cake, both with generous amounts of thick cream cheese icing

Red velvet cupcake and a slice of red velvet cake, both with generous amounts of thick cream cheese icing

And finally, we have the best part of the entire ‘Desserted’ experience – the desserts! They have cakes, they have chocolate-filled crossiants, they have tarts, they have cheesecake, they have home-made chocolates, they have truffle lollipops, they have cookies, they have cupcakes – so many mouth-watering choices! The cakes are soft and moist, with thick, fudgey icing- my favourites are the choclate truffle cake (this one is absolute gold for chocolate lovers), the red velvet (although on some days it tastes better than on others) and the ferrero rocher cake (which is so filling, it’s difficult for just one person to finish one piece). The tarts are simple and tasty – I like their lemon tarts best. The cookies are big, with different flavours (yes, even a red-velvet one), but are a tad bit over priced. The chocolate croissants are lovely, and according to me,they  are the best buy there – but ask them to heat it up for you before you dig in! If you’re not into chocolate, you can have the plain butter version, which is just as delicious.

Now coming to the Sundaes – ice cream is ice cream, you gotta love it. They have a good variety of sundaes – including a Caffeine Withdrawal for those coffee addicts, and a fun, colourfully sprinkled banana sundae – but the best of the lot, and totally worth your money and strictly  only for chocoholics (and also severely PMS-ing women in need of the chocolate cure) is the D.E.T. or the Devil Eats Truffle a.k.a that bowl full of chocolate ice cream and truffle cake and chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. This beauty used to be on their old menu, but doesn’t figure in their new and improved menu – but they still do make it for us whenever we ask them, and they should for you too (you’re welcome)! Besides these things, they also serve a whole lot of other stuff, like mojitos, milk shakes, health drinks and snacks.

Desserted is a fun place to hang out, is almost always crowded (because of it being so close to a college) and offers great, home-style food. The service is not too great, because there is always too many people and too few waiters, but they’ve been working on it. I especially recommend this place to people who have a sweet tooth, because Desserted has it’s very own flavour, it’s very own charm when it comes to desserts.


Address: 42, 8th Main Road, Next To Mount Carmel Management Institute,Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore


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