A Thing of Beauty.

Sorry I haven’t been posting often! My holidays are over, and I am back to Bangalore. The third (and final) year of my under graduation just started last week, and it has been hectic. (Well, hectic compared to my lazy holidays, but it’ll soon get busier than this.)

I go to an all-girls college, I think I’ve mentioned this before in a couple of my posts. It has been a different experience for me, because I have studied in a co-ed school for twelve years before this. The one thing about being surrounded by thousands of unique, beautiful and talented girls everyday is that I begin to unconsciously question myself. I start to think things like, “Wow, she has really nice, thick hair, I wish mine was like that.” Or “She pulls off that crazy outfit with so much spunk, I wish I had that kind of confidence.” Or, “Damn, she’s so fit, why can’t I be like that?!”

Without realizing it, I was going in a downward spiral with my own self-confidence, and it only struck me today when I read this quote:

I’m not going to spout any of that “beauty is only skin deep” and “it’s what is on the inside that counts” kind of philosophical crap. While I strongly and deeply believe that having a beautiful personality is very important, I also believe that being beautiful on the outside is a result of a healthy lifestyle and a desire to look and feel better – and these are important things too.

Every woman should feel strong and beautiful and I want to feel like that too. And I realized, there is literally nothing that’s stopping me from feeling that way – except myself! So here’s to every girl and woman, who like me, felt a little less beautiful whenever she saw beauty in another – Remind yourself you are beautiful too, work out, eat healthy, drink lots of water, laugh often, have a fresh no-makeup face or own that red lipstick if you want to! Oh, and don’t forget to compliment that girl you saw, and spread the love.

Stay happy, stay beautiful! ^~^

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