I have News! :D

I just realized I haven’t blogged about this one important thing that happened about five-six months back. For the duration of my udergrad, I’ve been staying at my aunt’s place. And GUESS WHAT. Six months back they got a dog!!! and HE IS THE CUTEST LITTLE BLACK LABRADOR PUPPY AND I LOVE HIM TO BITS. He came when he was only about a month old, so now he’s about six months old.


Leo. ❤ The number One object of my affection.

I cannot tell you how frikkin’ EXCITED I was when I found out they’re getting a puppy. I’ve whined and cried about this a lot before – I’ve always wanted a dog. And now, I was getting the chance to finally live in a house with a dog! Like, that’s a whole different experience in itself and I’ve NEVER had it before, and oh, how I have CRAVED it.

Because dogs are like – well, they’re like therapy for me. They’re not like humans. They’re innocent, and they’ll love you completely and whole-heartedly and they’ll always be there for you. And honestly, I can’t tell you how much more better life is for me, now that we have Leo at home. He takes away all my troubles – all I need is to see him waiting for me when I get back home, and to get his hugs and kisses. I kiss him about a thousand times everyday, and I cuddle with him – and just, it’s the BEST stress reliever to ever exist for me.

I’ve become really emotionally attached to him in just this short span of time. Till now I didn’t know it was possible to love some one so much, my heart just swells every time I see his face and his eyes and his little paw-paws and his floppy ears and his cute little bum and his tail. I just love him so much.

But here’s the problem  – (and it’s a really big problem) – I only have another six months to go here, and then I’ll be graduating. I’ll be leaving Bangalore – that means I’ll be leaving Leo. And I know it’s going to be terribly hard for me, but I try not to think of it now.

I’m reassuring myself with the thought that in the next five years, I will be getting myself my very own dog (well, that’s the plan, let’s see how things go), and it’s a long wait, but something like this is worth waiting for.

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