Hair flips and some self-love.

On my very first day of college, I noticed this girl in my class with the most beautiful hair ever. It was looo-oo-oong, reaching upto her waist, thick and straight. And did I mention shiny? And so sleek and with the perfect amount of volume. I would steal glances at her hair, marveling at how it fell so effortlessly from that high ponytail. I even complimented her on it that day, and she was pretty creeped out (because she didn’t know me at all).

That girl (let’s just name her Miffy for convenience’s sake) is now one of my closest friends in college and we never lose a chance to creep her out by touching her hair every now and then just because it’s so pretty. It’s quite funny though, I don’t know how she puts up with us. I even drew her a little cartoon, which is this one here –


Yes, that’s how much I loved her hair.

So anyway.
One day, my friends and I were having the usual completely random, brainless conversations that happen all day everyday (I’m exaggerating) and the topic of discussion was “I like your _________.” And we were discussing material things, not qualities or anything.

Imagine – IMAGINE – my surprise and shock when Miffy looked at me and said,”I like your hair the most!”

My friends are a beautiful bunch, and I’ve always admired and wished I’d had certain things that they have. Like fuller lips or a flatter stomach. And for the past two years I have secretly and also very un-secretly admired Miffy’s hair – and here she was, telling me that she loved my hair!

When she said that it dawned on me that every time I admired her hair, I didn’t realize that I ought to be happy with what I had myself. My hair is wavy and has a mind of its own – some days it is straight-ish and on others it is curly-ish. It never occurred to me that she too might have looked at my hair and thought it was pretty, just the way I looked at hers. Hell, it never occurred to me that anyone could have looked at my hair and thought it was pretty.

So basically, the moral of this seemingly pointless story is this : We all are beautiful in our own ways. Her beautiful may be different from your beautiful which may be different from my beautiful. It’s all about how you look at it. And that’s why, you should be glad however you are, and cherish whatever you’re blessed with. Girls can be a self-critical lot sometimes, and the grass is always greener on the other side. We fail to see that the grass can be as green on both sides, too! SO my point is – own it, however you are, and with whatever you have. 😀

*yayyy* *applause**throwsconfettiintheair*

And now for some hair flip gifs that own it :

(disclaimer : none of these gifs are mine, credits to whoever made these)

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