Winter Palace in the Summer Heat.

Despite having spent twelve years of my life here in Chennai, I don’t really know that much about the food scene here, like I do about Bangalore. That’s because I never really went out and explored -but now that I’m here during my holidays, with tons of free time, I got the chance to go to some places.

This afternoon, I went to a small, not very well-known cafe/restaurant called ‘Winter Palace’ with my best friend (whose mother recommended it to us). I found it rather funny that any restaurant dared to call themselves “Winter Palace” in such a blisteringly hot place like Chennai, that too when they had only outdoor seating!  But I found that on the whole, I quite liked the place a lot.

The cold and refreshing Sangria mocktail.

The cold and refreshing Sangria mocktail.

The Winter Palace is inside the Russian Cultural Centre, and therefore, obviously, it serves Russian food. This I found very exciting, because it is the first place I’ve ever heard of that serves Russian cuisine, which I have never tasted before. I’m not too sure how authentic it was (because here in India, everybody Indianises almost everything) but it seemed pretty authentic, and very yummy too!

Russian dumplings with mashed potato and mushroom filling, and sour cream.

Russian dumplings with mashed potato and mushroom filling, and sour cream.

The whole place was done up in a pleasant sky blue and white, with pretty white lace curtains. Although today was a hot day, sitting here was quite nice, because it was well shaded and there was lots of breeze (also, the staff made sure the fans were all adjusted right). The menu had a lot of unpronounceable dishes (for someone like me, who doesn’t know Russian), but with descriptions of the dish given below. Along with vegetarian options, they also served fish, chicken, lamb and beef.

Tomato soup and the dish of Russian dumplings.

Tomato soup and the dish of Russian dumplings.

We ordered a “Krasnodar” soup, which is a thick, refreshing, cold tomato soup (they have choices of hot and cold soups). It had an extremely strong raw tomato flavour, and since I’m not a fan of that, I let my friend finish it. But for those who like their food healthy, this would be a good option, although they came with two little bun-like breads which I loved. For main course, my friend ordered a “Varennikhy” which was a dish of Russian dumplings with a mashed potato filling, topped with sour cream. It was quite tasty, although just a little bit bland – but still yum. I ordered a Chicken “Plov”, which is flavoured rice with chunks of chicken accompanied by a tomato puree. I loved it – the rice had a different and very nice flavor that was new to me, and it had big chunks of chicken. I enjoyed my meal! To go with it, I ordered a Sangria from their range of Mocktails – and it was so refreshing and yummy. It had a mix of green tea with orange, and was perfect for an afternoon lunch outside.

They also offered special Russian “souses” or sauces, to go with our dishes. My friend chose the “Gorchica” which was an extremely strong version of mustard sauce – it was super acidic. I chose the “Chesnochny” sauce which is a mayonnaise based garlic sauce, it was quite nice, but had a bit of an egg-y taste.

Chicken "Plov"

Chicken “Plov”

For dessert , we tried another authentic Russian dish, the “Blini”. We were recommended to try the pumpkin cheesecake, but my friend is a staunch vegetarian (not even egg) and they had no egg-less version of it, so we (I) had to let that go. Blini is basically a Russian style pancake (which could be made egg-less too), and they served it for us with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Absolutely delicious, and very filling.

For all of this food, the bill was within a thousand rupees – so it’s a very reasonable place! The ambiance was lovely, the quantity was good, the flavours were new and exciting and the presentation of the dishes was spot on. All in all, quaint and comfy little place to go to, especially if you’re in the mood for something new, as the Russian food doesn’t disappoint!

Creme Brulee for beginners!

Disclaimer : I know that that doesn’t look like a real Creme Brulee, but we don’t have a blow torch. *sheepishgrin*

Having watched Masterchef Australia, I had the perception that the Creme Brulee was an extremely tough dish to get done. But it looked utterly delicious and since my sister had two beautiful ramekins that she hadn’t used yet, we thought we’d take the plunge and make it. And it’s actually super easy to make! (If you already knew this, ignore me. I don’t know much about cooking or food- except how to eat it.)

We went online, and checked out recipes for the perfect Creme Brulee, and we roughly followed this recipe – Creme Brulee Recipe by Laura Vitale.

What we made came out tasting absolutely creamy and dreamy and oh so yummy, so you all should definitely try making this!


Here’s what we used:



2 egg yolks
1 cup of cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon Fiori di Scilia (or you could use orange liquor or orange zest)
1/4th cup of sugar
pinch of salt
(this makes for two ramekins)

How it’s made:
Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celscius (or 300 degrees Farenheit).

The egg yolk and sugar mixture

The egg yolk and sugar mixture

First we put the cream on the stove, on low heat. Keep an eye on it and take it off just before it begins to boil! Then we whisked together the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract. We also added some Fiori di Scilia (my aunt gave my sister this, to help with her baking – and we finally found a good occasion to use it!), which is “a combination of vanilla, citrus and alcohol” – it’s got an absolutely heavenly Christmas-y orange-y scent that just filled the house. Otherwise, you could also use orange zest, or orange liquor. Then we added a pinch of salt.

Once the cream is whisked in slowly, this is how it looks.

Once the cream is whisked in slowly, this is how it looks.

Once this was all whisked together, we brought the cream. We took it off the stove before it began to boil, but it was still quite hot. So I poured it into the mixture, little by little, while my sister whisked it in. You’ll have to pour it in very slowly, to make sure that the hot cream doesn’t scramble the eggs. Once all of the cream has been whisked in – you’re done!

All you need to do now is pour the mixture into the ramekins. Then we put the ramekins in a tray, and filled the tray with hot water till the ramekins were halfway immersed. We put the ramekins in the convection oven for forty minutes. Once we took it out, we let it cool for about twenty minutes (till the ramekin wasn’t hot anymore) before putting it in the refrigerator.

PicMonkey Collage

Since we made these late in the evening, we let them sit in the refrigerator overnight, and took them out this morning. Since we didn’t have a blowtorch, we caramelized the sugar by heating it on the stove and then pouring it over the Creme Brulee. But the problem with this is, the sugar layer is too thick – it’s impossible to get a thin layer. This makes it difficult to crack with a spoon, and also it’s quite hard to bite. But we had no other way, so we went with this!

After taking it out of the oven, we left it to cool for about 20 minutes

After taking it out of the oven, we left it to cool for about 20 minutes

Caramelized sugar drizzle

Caramelized sugar drizzle

The right way to do it is to put a layer of sugar on top, and use a blow torch to caramelize it. This gives you a thin, beautiful crunchy layer of caramel that cracks perfectly with a few taps from the spoon, to go with the soft, creamy custard below.

Nevertheless, our Creme Brulees turned out WONDERFUL, and everybody enjoyed them! So go ahead, and try the recipe. 😀

Saturday Afternoon Baking Shenanigans.

My thirteen year old sister is a baker (as I have mentioned in my very first post :, she makes the most amazing cakes and tarts and cupcakes – I’m sometimes glad I don’t live in the same house as her, or else I’d be looking like  a sumo wrestler by now! But whenever I’m home for the summer, she makes all of my favourite treats for me. 😀

Today I begged her to make her famous Lemon Bars (which also I have mentioned in my first post), and she agreed. She’s been making this since she found the recipe on, and kind of changed up the measurements and tweaked it her own way.They taste simply AMAZING, and so I thought I’d share the recipe here today.

Here’s what we used:


  • 1/2 cup of butter (softened to room temperature)
  • 1/4 cup of sugar for the base and 1 cup of sugar for the filling
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 lemons (you’ve got to squeeze all the juice out)
  • 1 cup of flour for the base and 1/4 cup for the filling

And this is how we made it:

bread crumbly

bread crumbly base


making the mixture for the filling

First, we preheated the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (that’s 350 degree Fahrenheit). We greased a baking tin with olive oil and kept it aside. While that was happening, we blended the butter, flour and sugar (for the base) until they reach a bread-crumb like consistency. This doesn’t really take a long time. Then we pressed this crumbly mixture onto the bottom of the baking tin and eased it up a bit around the sides (so that it fully coverd the base). Then we put it into the oven (after it was done pre-heating) for fifteen minutes.

Then we started work on the filling – which is super easy to make. First we whisked together the sugar and the flour. Once that was combined, we added the eggs, whisked that up, then added the lemons’ juice, and whisked again. My sister also added a pinch of lovely fragrant cinnamon and 1/4th of a tea spoon of some beautiful vanilla extract. Then we whisked it all up (it’ll be a liquid-y kind of consistency).


pouring the filling into the base

We took out the base once it was done baking in the oven – it should look golden brown. Then we pored our the filling over it, making sure it covered the entire base, and popped it back in the oven. It should sit there for about twenty minutes (at 180 degrees celsius, like before). After the time’s up, we took it out and DUG IN. 😀


You can cut them into squares or bars after it has cooled a bit – and don’t worry if they have a slight wobble to them, they’ll get firm as they cool further.

The base is like a yummy crumbly butter biscuit, and the filling is equally delicious and the lemon flavour is just SO good! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you have got to try this one! 😀

It’s the time to ‘Social’ize!

Just a couple of days back, I finished writing all my end semester exams, and now I’m officially done with my second year of college! I’m so happy that I get to go back home to Chennai now for the summer vacation, I really am in need of a long, long holiday.

Two of my friends had to give us pending birthday treats, and so they decided to take us out after the day we wrote our last exam, and to also celebrate the end of another year of college. We went to Church Street Social (which is a resto-bar/lounge kind of place), which is quite popular with most Bangaloreans, because it is is such a fun and economical place to hang out – and they serve great food!

The interiors are done up like a rustic, country-meets-rock pub, with metal  chains and wooden floors and brick walls. There are big, comfortable sofas for larger groups, and individual chairs and tables for those who want a more formal arrangement. They also have a seperate room for people who’d like to smoke as they enjoy their food and drinks. The music they play is quite varied – it was different every time I’ve been there, so if you’re lucky, they’ll have something on that you like.

Scrumptious Honey CHilli Fries and Hot Tennessee chicken Wings

Scrumptious Honey CHilli Fries and Hot Tennessee chicken Wings

We started with Hot Tennessee Wings and Honey Chilli Fries, both of which were absolutely scrumptious. The wings were slightly spicy, with an amazing flavour, and the Honey Chilli Fries where delicious as always (every time I’m here, I make it a point to order them). On previous visits, I have tried their BBQ platter – which was super, the beef was melt-in-the-mouth yummy; and another starter dish of Chicken wings (I’ve forgotten the name) – but these were not as great as the Hot Tennessee Wings.

The chicken biryani - rice with curry style

The chicken biryani – rice with curry style

Next we ordered for main course – one cottage cheese and capsicum sizzlers, one chicken sizzler, one beef steak sizzler,one paneer makhani biryani, two chicken biryanis, and since I was in the mood for brunch, I ordered the Kiran’s Big Apple Breakfast tray. The food was simply DELICIOUS. Their biryanis are not really authentic biryanis – they come as rice with a chicken or paneer curry on top, which then has to be mixed before being eaten. Nevertheless, they were yummy, and the flavours were just great. The sizzlers were all very tasty as well. As for my breakfast tray, it was absolutely delightful. It had two fat fluffy pancakes with dollops of blueberry preserve in the centres, one masala omelette stuffed with capsicum, onions and tomatoes, a stack of lightly toasted bread and a bowl of jam and a stick of butter to go with it, a plate of french fries and crispy bacon strips, and a pack of oreos. I loved it. I love breakfast food, and brunches are one of my most favourite things in the world. The pancakes were oh, so soft and delish, the omelette was perfect and the bacon -oh, the bacon was damn good (but also very unhealthy, but oh, SO good). I enjoyed it very, very much.

My fabulous breakfast tray

My fabulous breakfast tray

Apart from the usual range of shooters and other alcohol, Social offers a wide and very creative range of cocktails – right down to their whacky presentation. We ordered the Cosmo explosion (which is supposed to come with cotton candy, but they seem to always run out of the cotton candy), a Screw-driver, a Red Pill/Blue Pill (comes as a red drink with a syringe full of a blue solution), a Trip on the Drip (which comes in a medical-intravenous-drip-bag kind of thing, complete with curly straw), and two ice teas – one peach and one berry. The drinks were all great.

really good-looking drinks

We didn’t order desert this time, but they do have some pretty good desserts. Their chocolate layer cake is worth a try. On the whole, Social is an amazing place to hang out – and for the quality of food and alcohol they serve, they are very reasonably priced. It tends to get crowded in the evenings and especially on weekends, so be prepared to wait in line. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good time and some really good food!

Church Street Social:

Address: 46/1, Cobalt Building,Church Street, Bangalore

Timings: Open from 9 AM to 11:30 PM (and on Fridays and Saturdays to 1AM)

For that sweet tooth craving.

Today’s review is about a little cafe situated right opposite Mount Carmel College (where I study), in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore. It’s called ‘Desserted’ and is actually a big old house that has been revamped and turned into a cafe, and this gives a nice homely feel to the place. It has indoor and outdoor seating (and even used to have a room filed with squishy bean bags, but does not any more), fairy lights, colourful posters and art pieces, vintage mirrors and cupboard doors in the oddest of places – like the ceiling, for instance- and nice old style wicker chairs and pretty hand-made paper lanterns. My friends and I are frequent visitors there – well, frequent would be an under statement. We’re there pretty much everyday, either for lunch, or to celebrate someone’s birthday, or to study, or just to kill time.

Today's delicious breakfast.

The delicious “American Staple” breakfast with a steaming hot cup of green tea. 🙂

Before I begin – I must warn all the meat eaters out there, that this place is vegetarian (except they serve egg, but nothing more). I know I know, but my friends and I are purely non-vegetarian, and we don’t feel a lack of choice here, we quite love their food. Now let’s dive right into the menu – all of us put together have tried pretty much everything on their menu, and we’ve found the food here to be very satisfactory over all. They serve breakfast all day through, and the breakfast options include waffles, pancakes with maple syrup, french toast – and my favourite, their American Staple, which is combination of buttered toast, eggs done according to your choice (scrambled, omelette, cheese-filled, boiled, anything), potato balls and a topping, if you fancied, of chocolate spread or melted cheese or blueberry topping or maple syrup over any of those.

Their famous cheesy mexican french fires and pasta

Their famous cheesy mexican french fires and pasta

Next we have the other dishes – ranging from french fries to spaghetti to cheese globes to different types of pasta to burgers to sandwiches and also some exotic sounding stuff like ‘Hungarian Langos’ and ‘Croque Monsieur’. The fries come with different seasonings and toppings (‘Desi fries’ and ‘Mexican fries’), and lots of white cream sauce. They’re absolutely delicious, and the perfect thing to order for a large group to snack on. The pastas are yummy and filling, and come with red or green or white sauce with pepper corns and zucchini. The ‘Croque Monsieur’ is actually a sandwich with lots of cheese, and it’s counterpart ‘Crouqe Madame’ comes with eggs. The sandwiches are pretty great too, but not too filling if your the type who has a very large appetite.

Red velvet cupcake and a slice of red velvet cake, both with generous amounts of thick cream cheese icing

Red velvet cupcake and a slice of red velvet cake, both with generous amounts of thick cream cheese icing

And finally, we have the best part of the entire ‘Desserted’ experience – the desserts! They have cakes, they have chocolate-filled crossiants, they have tarts, they have cheesecake, they have home-made chocolates, they have truffle lollipops, they have cookies, they have cupcakes – so many mouth-watering choices! The cakes are soft and moist, with thick, fudgey icing- my favourites are the choclate truffle cake (this one is absolute gold for chocolate lovers), the red velvet (although on some days it tastes better than on others) and the ferrero rocher cake (which is so filling, it’s difficult for just one person to finish one piece). The tarts are simple and tasty – I like their lemon tarts best. The cookies are big, with different flavours (yes, even a red-velvet one), but are a tad bit over priced. The chocolate croissants are lovely, and according to me,they  are the best buy there – but ask them to heat it up for you before you dig in! If you’re not into chocolate, you can have the plain butter version, which is just as delicious.

Now coming to the Sundaes – ice cream is ice cream, you gotta love it. They have a good variety of sundaes – including a Caffeine Withdrawal for those coffee addicts, and a fun, colourfully sprinkled banana sundae – but the best of the lot, and totally worth your money and strictly  only for chocoholics (and also severely PMS-ing women in need of the chocolate cure) is the D.E.T. or the Devil Eats Truffle a.k.a that bowl full of chocolate ice cream and truffle cake and chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. This beauty used to be on their old menu, but doesn’t figure in their new and improved menu – but they still do make it for us whenever we ask them, and they should for you too (you’re welcome)! Besides these things, they also serve a whole lot of other stuff, like mojitos, milk shakes, health drinks and snacks.

Desserted is a fun place to hang out, is almost always crowded (because of it being so close to a college) and offers great, home-style food. The service is not too great, because there is always too many people and too few waiters, but they’ve been working on it. I especially recommend this place to people who have a sweet tooth, because Desserted has it’s very own flavour, it’s very own charm when it comes to desserts.


Address: 42, 8th Main Road, Next To Mount Carmel Management Institute,Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

Of coffees and cliches : A Starbucks Opinion

Starbucks came to India only in the year 2013, which is just about a couple of years back. Bangalore was the fourth city in the country (after Mumbai, Delhi and Pune) to get a Starbucks outlet, and that was in November. So it’s safe to say, It’s been around in Bangalore for only a little more than a year.

My friend, being a major caffeine addict, made sure we all visited it as soon as possible – which we did. And besides, having seen and heard about it in movies and on TV shows, I was curious to see what the hype was all about. My cousin dismissed it by saying “it’s just another coffee shop, why the big fuss?” – and I honestly wanted to know the exact same thing.

The first time (we went to the outlet on M G Road), I had an iced mocha or some thing along those lines, but frankly, I didn’t like it – I found it too watery. It wasn’t a ‘blended’ drink, it was just ‘iced’ – which meant ice cubes floating around, diluting your drink even more (which is great if you like that sort of thing, but not for me).But. I did have a sip of my friend’s Signature Hot Chocolate – and that was honestly the best hot chocolate I’d ever had! The first thing that popped into my mind as it melted on my tongue was that it tasted like liquefied  Lindt chocolate bars! I am an absolute chocoholic, and it catered to my taste buds perfectly -and the Signature Hot Chocolate is now one of my favourite drinks there.

The Sadashivnagar outlet

I really liked my first visit to the place, despite my drink being so watery, because I loved the ambiance and the laid back aura about it. From my second visit, I learnt what to order according to my taste, and I discovered that they had a whole range of fabulous and tempting options to chose from. I had a Java chip Frappuccino, one of their best selling drinks, and I simply loved it. It was thick and cold, and slightly grainy with just  the right amount of choco chips blended into it. This led to several more visits with a friend of mine who has a caffeine addiction and shares my love for this place. We go to Starbucks when we want to study, or to satisfy cravings, or to just talk (and also: free wifi. Need I say more?) – and this has become all the more convenient now because of the new outlet that opened up super close to our college (in Sadashivnagar)! This one is spacious, comfortable, and filled with sunlight through out the day, the staff are friendly and the food is great as always -plus there’s always soothing jazz playing all day.

Raspberry Truffle Mocha ❤

I have tried quite a lot of drinks – some seasonal ones too, like the Christmas special, which was something with praline, and today, a Raspberry Truffle Mocha (which was delicious and smooth, even though the raspberry flavour was a little overpowering). Another drink I enjoy a lot is the Green Tea Frappuccino, which I tasted first because of my friend, who also happens to be quite health conscious (not that this is even remotely healthy – what with all that whipped cream, but well, it creates the illusion). It has that ever so slight bitter green tea flavour that goes so well with the whipped cream, and I love that!

The food at Starbucks is great too – the muffins are huge, the brownies are sweet, the sandwiches are loaded with chicken and veggies, the bread is soft – the only flaw is the exorbitantly priced desserts. The cakes are expensive, but I have tasted their cherry chocolate cake (during one of their free sample testings) and it was quite delicious.

The GreenTea Frappuccino! 😀

I’ve heard a whole lot of opinions on Starbucks – it seems to have garnered quite a lot of attention for a coffee shop – but that’s probably because it’s been a part of so many movies and TV shows and memes and all of that. Some love it (like me). Some pretend they love it – just to fit in I guess? Some think it’s alright. And then there are people who think it’s the cliche-est of all cliches, so over-hyped and not worth it at all.

Here’s my opinion: It’s true, Starbucks is pretty over-hyped. How ever, I find myself attracted to the place because I genuinely love the drinks and food they serve, and most of all, the general atmosphere of the place. And also, I LOVE their whipped cream(which I eat with a spoon because I’m a little weird), and that’s saying something because I don’t really like cream.The few of my friends who are Americans, and also those who have been to Starbucks abroad have told me that the outlets there are more like drive-bys – people get their drinks, and head out. There’s not much place to sit and work, like there is here, in India.

There are only two things I wish could be improved – the pricing of the food items and also the spelling skills of the staff (yes, the number of times my friends’ names have been contorted into something else is hilarious!). So, at the risk of sounding cliche, I’m going to go ahead and say, yes, I love Starbucks! It is a great place to catch up with friends, or to get work done or to simply enjoy some time by yourself. 🙂

It’s a Small World after all!

My friends and I love food and discovering new places to eat. In the last (almost) two years of college, we’ve been to quite a few places around Bangalore, and I thought, why not blog about it?

So here’s my first restaurant review/food/eating-out blog, in what I hope will be a series of many more to come. 🙂

Today, we went to a little place near Ulsoor Lake called Smalley’s. My friend had discovered it (you can visit her blog here: and was dying to take us there, so we finally decided to see what it was all about.

As soon as I opened the door, I realized why it was called ‘Smally’s’. It’s a really really small place, but with three floors connected by a steep, narrow metal staircase. The interiors were done up in wooden tones- wooden tables and small stools, walls hung with quirky photographs, sayings and caricatures (yes, even one of Miley Cyrus with her infamous tongue out poses side by side with one of Narendra Modi wearing spectacles reflecting lotuses), and one of the walls was made of glass, giving a nice overview of the busy road below. Glass bottles and jars with lights in them hung suspended from the low ceiling (a really low ceiling, so you’ve got to watch your head!) made me think that the place would look really pretty in the evenings. There was nice music playing through out (some might complain about it being a tad bit too loud, but we were fine with that).

The interiors at the first floor at Smalley's

The interiors at the first floor at Smalley’s

Since we went at a rather odd time – around three o clock in the afternoon – the place was a bit empty, and the third floor was not open yet. We chose a comfortable corner spot away from the huge glass wall, near some stray square cushions, and brushed through the menu. The place had pretty much everything – from steaks to salads, pizza, lasagna, pasta, burgers and even dishes like ‘Mangalorean chicken curry and rice’, for those who were in the mood for that.

We started off with something called ‘Lord of the Wings’ – basically, spicy chicken wings with a cooling dip. It came quite quickly, and was finished even more quickly, on account of us being very hungry, and it being super delicious. We only remembered to take a photo of the chicken wings after the plate was empty, hence no photo. The chicken was soft and juicy with a nice spicy and crispy marination. The mayo and garlic dip complimented it perfectly. The only qualms we had was that the quantity was a little less – five wings.

Macaroni with chicken and fusilli with chicken

Macaroni with chicken and fusilli with chicken

For our main course, we ordered Chicken macaroni and chicken fusilli pastas (which arrived much, much earlier than the rest of the order) and two chicken lasagnas. The fusili pasta was cheesy and creamy, and really wonderful with big chunks of chicken. The macaroni was spicy and full of flavour, also with big chunks of chicken. The lasagnas looked quite small, but turned out to be satisfyingly filling, and very yummy indeed.

chicken lasagna

chicken lasagna

the already-dug-into New York baked cheesecake with blueberry topping

the already-dug-into New York baked cheesecake with blueberry topping

For dessert, we had Walnut brownies with marshmallows, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream as well as New York baked cheesecake. Both were delicious – the marshmellows oozed out of the chocolatey brownies and the cheesecake was dense but melt-in-the-mouth, with a generous layer of blueberry topping (without which, it would not have tasted as good as it did) . While the brownies were enough to satisfy two people, the slice of cheesecake was quite small – also, for those who prefer more airy, light kinds, this is not for you (I like my cheesecakes slightly dense and thick).

brownies, marshmallows,  chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and all sorts of goodness!

brownies, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and all sorts of goodness!

We thoroughly enjoyed the lunch – made even more enjoyable perhaps, because we were so darned hungry when we came. The place was comfortable, the service was good, the food looked really appetizing and tasted great – plus, it was light on our pockets too (it was all under thousand five hundred rupees)! We’ll definitely be visiting Smalley’s again. 😀

Smally’s Resto Bar:

Address: LG09, Sky Walk 5/1, Assaye Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

Phone:074067 62559
Open from 11 am to 11 pm

Musings on Sarees

A couple of days back, we had an “Ethinic Day” in college, and the girls never miss a chance to dress up. Almost everyone wore sarees- because of course we all loved and respected our culture, and hey, it’s also sexy as hell. A saree is the most classic and traditional piece of clothing for all Indian women – although the way it is draped differs from state to state. The gujaratis drape it differently from the coorgis who drape it differently from the malayalees. Basically, pretty much everyone has their own style of draping the saree and making it their own.

Personally, I feel that sarees make any woman look beautiful, if worn correctly. I love wearing sarees (although I’ve worn it only thrice in my life till now) – although for short periods of time only, and I think all girls look beautiful in them. Of course, there are a few who totally detest wearing the saree, and I can understand why – it can be quite a task to manage it if you don’t know how to. Although I do enjoy wearing one occasionally, I can’t stand to be in it for a very long time, because it’s really difficult to handle, and well, my midriff gets cold? I look at all these women who wear sarees every single day, who wear it with so much effortless grace and I think, well, maybe they’re so used to it, it’s easy for them.

For me, a saree will always be a symbol of Indian-ness, of being a woman, of grace and elegance. It will remind me of Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit in Devdas, it will remind me of old saree advertisements that used to come on television when I was a kid, it will remind me of my Ajji (grandmother), and it will remind me of weddings. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the maturity it lends to a woman’s face and figure – it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or skinny or just in-between.

As for me, I would still prefer my pajamas over pretty much anything, but I do enjoy wearing a saree once in a while – up until I’m done taking a million photos with my friends and the saree is just about going to fall off, and I’m longing for my pjs again.

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